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This Random Videogame Powers Quantum Entanglement Experiments

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IN OCTOBER 2016, while working in Rwanda, a biologist named Jordi Galbany heard about a new online game on one of his favorite podcasts, a Catalan-language radio show called "Versió Rac 1." Playing was simple, he learned: All you did was frantically press 1’s and 0’s as randomly as possible. Galbany was in. Between days of

Nonfiction: What Does Quantum Physics Actually Tell Us About the World?

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Before that, the atom served as an increasingly useful hypothetical construct. At the same time, Einstein defined a new entity: a particle of light, the “light quantum,” now called the photon. Until then, everyone considered light to be a kind of wave. It didn’t bother Einstein that no one could observe this new thing. “It

Research shows AI is the key to understanding quantum systems

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Researchers from The Flatiron Institute in New York recently developed a method they believe will change how we measure quantum states. The team’s approach involved the creation of a software tool that uses neural networks to predict the various positions a quantum bit (qubit) can be in. As Giuseppe Carleo, a researcher for The Flatiron Institute and

Our universe is uglier than we thought

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  PAUL DIRAC wanted to be seduced, and he wasn’t afraid to admit it. In a 1963 essay recalling his role in discovering the strange-but-true laws of quantum theory, he wrote “it is more important to have beauty in one’s equations than to have them fit experiment”— Read on