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No technology is more reflective of its creators than A.I.

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No technology is more reflective of its creators than A.I. It has been said that there are no “machine” values at all, in fact; machine values arehuman values. A human-centered approach to A.I. means these machines don’t have to be our competitors, but partners in securing our well-being. However autonomous our technology becomes, its impact on

Researchers Are Learning How Machines Learn

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SAN FRANCISCO — Machines are starting to learn tasks on their own. They are identifying faces, recognizing spoken words, reading medical scans and even carrying on their own conversations. Photo The original image and three more visualizations after it was put through a neural network. The first layer is primarily detecting edges and color. The other

Research shows AI is the key to understanding quantum systems

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Researchers from The Flatiron Institute in New York recently developed a method they believe will change how we measure quantum states. The team’s approach involved the creation of a software tool that uses neural networks to predict the various positions a quantum bit (qubit) can be in. As Giuseppe Carleo, a researcher for The Flatiron Institute and

Teach Machines Common Sense

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SAN FRANCISCO — Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen said Wednesday that he was pumping an additional $125 million into his nonprofit computer research lab for an ambitious new effort to teach machines “common sense.” The money for the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence will about double the lab’s budget over the next three years, helping to