a work in progress…

The main characters are:


This is  a narrative of my efforts to maintain  a therapeutic alliance with “hard to reach”patients beyond the face-to-face contacts at my private office in New York City.

There have been three different types of these patients:

Those are unable to physically meet in my office due to either physical distance or  disability.

Those who are in need information or dialogues that are more general in scope and do not demand the high bandwidth that face-to-face affords. Mindfulnessless is an example of such a informational/educational dialogue. More directed specific exchanges are often best initiated by contacting me by email at

Those who are more comfortable with the annominty  on the internet and need a more highly mediated experience.

Elaborations now consists of two fictionalized cases of the last mentioned type. With time I hope to add examples of the other two types.

Both characters  in this section are secondary elaborations synthesized from bits   and pieces of multiple people (whether  real, historical, narrative, narrative historic,   historical narrative, imagined) (or of any creative combination of the forementioned)….Identity based upon a mashup of introjects.

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