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Why We Become So Attached to Our Belongings

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Human beings are social animals. To feel emotionally secure, we require ego strength and confidence in our relationships with other people. When we lack secure attachment to our loved ones, we might imbue our inanimate possessions with deep meaning or human qualities to fill that void. Through physical contact, we might believe that our things are infused with

People Who Understand Evolution Are More Likely to Accept It

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Science denialism can seem intractable, and studies on the topic are seldom encouraging. For example, research out of Yale Law School suggests that when people form their opinions on contentious topics such as climate change or evolution, political or religious values trump knowledge of the concept. A study published in March in BioScience begs to differ, at

The New Era of Multi-messenger Astronomy

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Astronomers' newfound ability to see the same cosmic events in light, particles and gravitational waves—a synthesis called multimessenger astronomy—gives them a fuller picture of some of the universe's most mysterious phenomena

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