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Benedict Cumberbatch Meets Albert Einstein in Carlo Rovelli’s New Audiobook

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THE ORDER OF TIME  By Carlo Rovelli Translated by Erica Segre and Simon Carnell Read by Benedict Cumberbatch 4 hours, 19 minutes. Penguin Audio. Some elements of Rovelli’s narrative, like the material on light cones and loop quantum gravity and spin networks, many readers will find incomprehensible. But the many other excellent explanations of science,

This Random Videogame Powers Quantum Entanglement Experiments

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IN OCTOBER 2016, while working in Rwanda, a biologist named Jordi Galbany heard about a new online game on one of his favorite podcasts, a Catalan-language radio show called "Versió Rac 1." Playing was simple, he learned: All you did was frantically press 1’s and 0’s as randomly as possible. Galbany was in. Between days of

Nonfiction: What Does Quantum Physics Actually Tell Us About the World?

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Before that, the atom served as an increasingly useful hypothetical construct. At the same time, Einstein defined a new entity: a particle of light, the “light quantum,” now called the photon. Until then, everyone considered light to be a kind of wave. It didn’t bother Einstein that no one could observe this new thing. “It

Free Will, Video Games, and the Most Profound Quantum Mystery

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he word “predictable” first entered the English language two centuries ago. Its début came in neither a farmer’s almanac nor a cardsharp’s manual but in The Monthly Repository of Theology and General Literature, a Unitarian periodical. In 1820, one Stephen Freeman wrote a dense treatise in which he criticized the notion that human behavior—seemingly manifest “amidst the

The Kuhn cult

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The Kuhn cult . Admiration for the philosopher is misplaced, says Errol Morris. Kuhn's thinking is unoriginal. Worse, it's an assault on truth Source: The Kuhn cult. Admiration for the philosopher is misplaced, says Errol Morris. Kuhn's thinking is unoriginal. Worse, it's an assault on truth

Exploring the politics and history of alternate universes

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If you haven't seen any of the videos produced by the Templin Institute, then you are in for a real treat. Templin is a shadowy online organization of deep sci-fi, fantasy, and game geeks who post a prolific number of extremely well-done documentary video essays covering the histories, politics, factions, cultures, and characters behind dozens…

The New Era of Multi-messenger Astronomy

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Astronomers' newfound ability to see the same cosmic events in light, particles and gravitational waves—a synthesis called multimessenger astronomy—gives them a fuller picture of some of the universe's most mysterious phenomena

The Churchland’s devotion to the mind-body problem.

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Why Should Philosophers Care About Neuroscience? Paul and Patricia Churchland have dedicated their professional lives to the question of whether your conscious experience and your brain are the same thing. From New Yorker

The Curse of Knowledge

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Steven Pinker, author of writing manual "The Sense of Style," says the chief impediment to clear communication is a phenomenon called the "curse of knowledge." This cognitive bias basically means that "when you know something, it's extraordinarily difficult to know what it's like not to know it," Pinker tells CNBC Make It. "Your own knowledge seems so obvious