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The idea that everything is conscious

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Quartz - 14h ago Consciousness permeates reality. Rather than being just a unique feature of human subjective experience, it's the foundation of the universe, present in every particle and all physical matter. This sounds like easily-dismissible bunkum, but as traditional ... The idea that everything from spoons to stones are conscious is gaining academic credibility Quartz -

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Learning more about yourself could help you better understand others

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The intervention used in this research was based on the Internal Family Systems model that sees an individual’s personality as made up of different sub-personalitiesBy guest blogger Marianne Cezza As social creatures, accurately recognising and understanding the mental states of others (their intentions, knowledge, beliefs, etc.) is crucial to our social bonds and interactions. In fact,

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Also see Elaboration Paranoia is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear , often to the point of irrationality and delusion . Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs, or beliefs of conspiracy concerning a perceived threat towards oneself. Historically, this characterization was used to describe any delusional state.

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Consciousness from Entropy

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It's impressive enough that our human brains are made up of the same 'star stuff' that forms the Universe, but new research suggests that this might not be the only thing the two have in common. Just like the Universe, our brains might be programmed to maximise disorder - similar to the principle of entropy - and our consciousness could simply be a side effect.

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Passive Consciousness

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Think your deliberate, guiding, conscious thoughts are in charge of your actions? Think again. In a provocative paper in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, a team led by Dr. Ezequiel Morsella at San Francisco State University came to a startling conclusion: consciousness is no more than a passive machine running one simple algorithm — to serve

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Antonio Damasio

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We are not thinking machines that feel; rather, we are feeling machines that think. More Why do we have a brain in the first place? Not to write books, articles, or plays; not to do science or play music. Brains develop because they are an expedient way of managing life in a body.

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Ray Kurzweil

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Ray Kurzweil - How are Brains Conscious? Brains are conscious. The heart is not. What does the brain do that the heart does not do? How does it come to be that brains generate inner subjective experience, the movies of our minds?  

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