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Robert Coover

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Interesting to think of moving pictures as something so static as a “terrain,” but in the sense of being something fixed and finished—“in the can,” as they say in the trade—that’s what they are. They invite exploration, just as terrain does. I’ve played with all the art forms, but the novel was the dominant narrative

Aldous Huxley Tells Mike Wallace What Will Destroy Democracy: Overpopulation, Drugs & Insidious Technology (1958) | Open Culture

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Aldous Huxley Tells Mike Wallace What Will Destroy Democracy: Overpopulation, Drugs & Insidious Technology (1958) | Open Culture — Read on

Packaged Story

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No matter how ambiguous you try to make a story, no matter how many ends you leave hanging, it’s a package made to travel. Not everything that happened is in my story—how could it be? Memory is selective; storytelling insists on itself. There is nothing in my story that did not happen. In its essence

Kevin Kelly, “Scan This Book,”

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“Science is on a long-term campaign to bring all knowledge in the world into one vast, interconnected, footnoted, peer-reviewed web of facts. Independent facts, even those that make sense in their own world, are of little value to science. (The pseudo-and para-sciences are nothing less, in fact, than small pools of knowledge that are not

Melville, Billy Budd

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Melville, Billy Budd “As a work gets more autobiographical, more intimate, more confessional, more embarrassing, it breaks into fragments. Our lives aren’t prepackaged along narrative lines and, therefore, by its very nature, reality-based art–underprocessed, underproduced–splinters and explodes.

Spotify is changing the way that songs are being titled

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"Our shorter attention spans mean more song titles with 1 or 2 words in them" Spotify Song titles have changed in the post-Spotify era, according to new research. Michael Tauberg, who describes himself as an “engineer interested in words and how they shape society”, recently looked at how Spotify has changed the music industry in

The Curse of Knowledge

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Steven Pinker, author of writing manual "The Sense of Style," says the chief impediment to clear communication is a phenomenon called the "curse of knowledge." This cognitive bias basically means that "when you know something, it's extraordinarily difficult to know what it's like not to know it," Pinker tells CNBC Make It. "Your own knowledge seems so obvious

Take Your Seat For Group Therapy That’s a Piece of Theater

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When you walk into the theatrical piece, Prurience, it will feel like walking into the kind of bare office-room where a group therapy session might conceivably occur. You will have to suspend disbelief that you are, in fact, inside the very swanky confines of the Guggenheim Museum’s restaurant, The Wright.