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The Curse of Knowledge

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From the father-son reveal in The Empire Strikes Back to the shocking realization at the end of The Sixth Sense, everyone loves a good plot twist. It's not the element of surprise that makes them so enjoyable, though. It's largely the set-up, according to cognitive scientist Vera Tobin. Tobin, a researcher at Case Western Reserve University, writes for TheConversationthat one

Essays That Make Sense of the Infinite and the Infinitesimal

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Holt’s example is plain: Think well, eat well and seek out those who will nourish and challenge you. It’s this conviviality, and a crispness of style, that distinguish him as a popularizer of some very redoubtable mathematics and science. “My ideal is the cocktail-party chat,” he writes in the preface to his new essay collection,

Freudian Noir

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Freudian Noir | by Geoffrey O’Brien | The New York Review of Books What holds it all together is a sense of form, fittingly enough since form is his overriding preoccupation—narrative form above all. Irresistibly drawn to the comparison of examples taken from as wide a field as possible, Bordwell collects specimens of filmmaking and

Going for a beer

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GOING FOR A BEER Selected Short Fictions By Robert Coover 432 pp. W. W. Norton & Company. $26.95. Robert Coover’s new collection of short stories, “Going for a Beer,” is a mixtape of variations and a fugue on time from a postmodern master. The prismatic repertoire of nearly six decades, it comprises something old, something

What of the lowly page number

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The functional role of the page number is simple: it provides order and sequence to a text. And while it is a supremely utilitarian design element, more thought is put into it than you might imagine. Should it go at the top or the bottom of the page? In the right or left margin? Or