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Collection Title: UbuWeb Identification/URL: Creator: Kenneth Goldsmith Abstract: UbuWeb is the largest non-profit online archive of avant-garde art. It was created and is co-ordinated by the artist Kenneth Goldsmith. It is a curated repository. It offers visual, concrete and sound poetry, expanding to include film and sound art mp3 archives. Beyond its repository of

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Collector’s Fallacy

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There’s a tendency in all of us to gather useful stuff and feel good about it. To collect is a reward in itself. As knowledge workers, we’re inclined to look for the next groundbreaking thought, for intellectual stimulation: we pile up promising books and articles, and we store half the internet as bookmarks, just so we get

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 Cut-Ups Music of the Spheres Through the ongoing process of organizing content and media elements which create personal profiles, social media users inadvertently curate versions of themselves. Social media turns users into curators as they create distinct incarnations that are separate, yet become the objectified digital presentation of one’s physical self. Personal curation is content

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