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Newsweek and the race to fill Google with suicide news

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Truth, Lies, and Literature

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Cultural Comment Truth, Lies, and Literature By Salman Rushdie May 31, 2018 The breakdown in the old agreements about reality is now the most significant reality, and the world can perhaps best be explained in terms of conflicting and often incompatible narratives. “What, art thou mad? Art thou mad?” Falstaff demands of Prince Hal, in Shakespeare’s “Henry

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Dealing With Impostor Syndrome

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The psychologists Pauline R. Clance and Suzanne A. Imes coined the termin 1978, describing it as “internal experience of intellectual phoniness in people who believe that they are not intelligent, capable or creative despite evidence of high achievement.” In other words, it’s that sinking sense that you are a fraud in your industry, role or position, regardless of

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The Erosion of Reality

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Many species adorn themselves or build alluring structures, and resort to utter subterfuge in the effort to propagate their genes. Cheating seems to be as much part of Darwinian selection as does honesty. There is a measure of evolutionary fitness in the ability to mislead.

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The Clever Ways Video Games Are Used To Train AIs

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Video games are an incredibly powerful training ground for AI algorithms. They are flexible and customizable while providing a safe place for training and learning without any real-world repercussions or safety issues. Some of today’s most popular video games have already been used to train AI. Source: Artificial Intelligence: The Clever Ways Video Games Are

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The Internet Is Finally Going To Be Bigger Than TV

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According to estimates from media agency Zenith, next year, for the first time, people will spend more time using the internet than watching TV. People will spend an average of 170.6 minutes a day, or nearly three hours, using the internet in 2019. Source: The Internet Is Finally Going To Be Bigger Than TV Worldwide

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‘Fallout 76’ Endgame Revealed

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Bethesda wants to reward high-level 'Fallout 76' players with an explosive endgame. Welcome to the online cold war. Source: 'Fallout 76' Endgame Revealed: Get Ready For Eternal Nuclear War

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Do Our Questions Create the World?

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Quantum theorist John Wheeler’s “it from bit” hypothesis anticipated ongoing speculation that consciousness is fundamental to reality -- Read more on Source: Do Our Questions Create the World?

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AI meets neuroscience, and hello games

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To improve hiring efficiency and success, companies are starting to leverage neuroscience gaming and AI to identify and attract the best people. Read More Source: AI meets neuroscience, and it’s goodbye resumes, hello games

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